Sunday, April 12, 2009

Miscellaneous items about S10 to be aware

Here's a variety of miscellaneous items about the S10 that users should be aware. Some of them are culled from the Lenovo's forums.

1. If there's pressure on the cover (the LCD screen) when it is closed, it may leave imprints of the keyboard on the screen over time. Ensure heavy items are not placed on the cover or carried in a very cramped bag and you can put a piece of cloth or plastic between screen and keyboard to prevent this.

2. The Lenovo logo comes out quite easily, especially the letter 'e' when caught in a cleaning cloth, maybe because of the sharp edges. So be careful when cleaning around the Lenovo logo or you may want to use a stronger glue for the logo if you are handy for this.

3. If the mouse pad jams, i.e. the cursor no longer moves with your finger movement, plug in a normal USB mouse and move around; it will usually release the jam without having to restart Windows.

4. The front ends of the cover and the palm rests seem to be magnetic (to ease the closing and hold them together) so be gentle when you close the cover or there may be a loud thud. It may not break anything but it may break your heart or shock the Hard Disk a little!

5. It was reported by user TarveN that his Nokia E71 cellphone has caused his S10 to reboot when he placed in on the keyboard. So be aware that this could also happen with other cellphones but why would anyone want to leave his cellphone on the keyboard?

6. This has been reported by some users so it may or may not work if you encounter the same problem. If the S10 cannot turn on, disconnect the battery and AC, press and hold down power on button for 10 seconds. Reconnect with AC or battery, press power on button again and it'll be OK. Hopefully!

7. There has been plenty of new Bios upgrade on the Lenovo site in attempts to solve the noisy fan problem, the latest one being version 59. If you do not have the noisy fan, do not upgrade your Bios as the feedbacks have been mixed and some are negative. It is better to wait for a final version before you do the upgrade since testing is still going on.

8. Many users have reported that upgrading the webcam using the latest Bison firmware has killed the webcam so do not use this firmware. As long as you are not having any issues with your components, there is no need to upgrade to the latest drivers since some have caused more harm then good. So it is a case of "don't fix it till it's broke".

That's all folks. I am distracted by the aroma of the Easter feast that my wife is cooking up in the kitchen. And a Happy Easter to all.

Ronald Kwok


  1. Dear Ronald,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and practical experience with Lenovo S10. Now I understand why my S10 went blank and can not be recovered at all since I changed the partition size. It did not happen to my previous VAIO notebooks. I should read your blog first.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Ronald,

    Thank you for sharing your practical experience and knowledge. I should read your articles first before modifying my S10 partitions.



  3. Hi Dadan,
    Thanks for viewing and glad you find the information useful. Hope you are not having one of those noisy fans. Cheers.

  4. Hi Ronald,
    Thanks for running this blog.
    HP printer software (photosmart c7200 series) refuses to load on my S10 (which has 1024 x 576 resolution), claiming it needs minimum 600 resolution.
    Has anyone dealt with this? are there any simple work-arounds.
    BTW, the other major brand of netbooks with 1024x576 resolution that will not load HP's printer software is.......HP.

  5. Hi ICT,
    How ironic, HP netbook would not load HP printer software! Anyway, you can try the work-around given in my latest post. Hope it works for this case.

  6. Yes ofcourse prevention is better than cure.
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