Saturday, December 27, 2008

Complaints about the Lenovo S10

My affair with the Lenovo S10 is now into the third week and I have nothing to complain so far. Meanwhile, I've been following the posts in the independent Lenovo Ideapad S series Forum which focus on the S10. This is a good Forum if you want to learn more about the S10. There is another Forum, Lenovo Forum for the Ideapad , that is run by Lenovo where the S10 belongs but since this covers all the Ideapad models and not just the S10, it is less focused but you can also find some additional information about the S10 if you do some searching.

There are some complaints raised in the former Forum so you may want to check out these areas and test your unit if you intend to buy the S10 to see if any of these is a problem for you. Here's the summary.

1. The fan noise. Some find the fan noisy and disturbing but to me it is OK so this is very much a personal thing. The fan in my desktop is definitely more noisy! However, I tend to notice the fan noise more on the Lenovo S10 than on my Dell Inspiron laptop so it is not the quietest one out there.

2. Keyboard. The arrangement is not the best and one must bear in mind the limited space that is available to fit in the keyboard. You have to sacrifice something if you want portability. The size of your hands (and fingers) will determine if you're comfortable typing for long periods. Once you're used to the arrangement, you can touch type quite normally. Do test out each key individually to see if any is defective. Also test the Function key combinations to see if they work as intended.

3. Touch pad. Again small because of the space limitations and need some time to get used to it. The click buttons are rather stiff and need some force before they are activated. Do test out both the left and right buttons since there were some reported cases of defective buttons.

4. Battery. There are many posts on the 6 cell battery not charging properly and low capacity compared to what is advertised but these generally refer to the 3rd party replacement battery. If you buy the S10 currently (in Malaysia, at least) you should definitely get the one that comes with the original 6 cell battery so you should not have any problem. Some of the problem arose because the user insert or remove the battery while the set is still plugged into AC power. Not sure if the original will suffer the same fate so never, never inset or remove your battery while you S10 is till plugged into AC power. This is really common sense since we were always taught to power off before we meddle with any electrical items.

5. The Lenovo logo on the cover. Some found the letters dropping out, especially the letter "e". Not a major issue but may be of concern to ladies who must have the perfect look!

So it seems Lenovo need to tighten their quality control but there may be similar complains about the other netbooks and certainly, the Lenovo S10 is not the worst. It is one of the easiest netbook to upgrade the RAM or the HDD, if not the easiest. It serves its purpose well as an ultra portable laptop for Internet usage and minor office task.

If you did not get a S10 as a Christmas gift, there's still hope yet; you may still get one as a 2009 New Year's gift. Just drop some hints to your girlfriend or boyfriend or simply refer them to this post!

Happy New Year!

Ronald Kwok

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  1. Let me show another side of Lenovo.
    First contacted Lenovo toll-free on 9 June. On 4 occasions on same day, just music for 15 mins each time. Thereafter kept trying but can't get beyond the music. On 14th (after 4 working days) contacted staff of MD (Lenovo) and was promised action. Next evening (after 24 hrs) some Ranjan called and said he would get back in 30 mins. He just disappeared off the face of this earth and has not been located till now (21st). Somehow on 18th (9 days after my problem occured) I got through to the toll-free number and was given contact of service centre. Service centre staff was most polite, courteous and helpful and solved the problem within 2 hrs.
    I believe Lenovo is only interested in Sales but not in support. This even after getting MDs office to push the matter. And to top it all, to rub salt into my wounds, Mr. Jitender Nagar (of Lenovo, Gurgaon) implies in his mail that customer is trying to get free service (when I have specified that I am not looking for free service), as if customers are here only to rip-off Lenovo. What an attitude !! What actually took just 2 hrs required customer to wait for 11 calendar days. Lenovo service is not sinking, it has reached ocean bottom.