Sunday, August 30, 2009

S10 resurrection

Good news, my S10 has resurrected from the dead! After leaving the dead S10 with the local Lenovo service centre for 3 days, I called them and was told that it was ready for collection.

I went to the service centre and the S10 was given back to me. I asked the service guy if it was the hard disk or the motherboard that was faulty and he told me that it was the LCD connecting cable that was faulty which was rather unusual. It was a good thing that it was not the hard disk or I would have to reinstall all the programmes for my wife again. From the job sheet, the S10 was actually repaired the next day itself so it was a quick job. In fact the guy there told me that they called my number but there was no answer. I could only think that it was because I had scribbled my contact number so they must have called a wrong number so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

And since the S10 is still within the one year warranty period, there was no charge. In fact, they did not even ask me about the warranty so I presumed they checked their online records as I did my registration online.

The verdict on the service? Pretty good. Just hope I don't have to visit the service centre again!
Ronald Kwok


  1. Ronald, I found your website from the lenovo forums. Keep it up and i find it very informative. I'm a long time thinkpad user but i recently bought a lenovo s10-2 for my wife. It's really a day/night difference coming from a thinkpad series but the ideapad does its job. I love the fact that it supports regional warranty within asia and have no problems with support. I did have a weird experience on the airplane though when i turned on the S10-2 there while bringing the ideapad back home. When i tried changing the computer name or the virtual memory size, it froze and i can hear a clicking sound from the hard drive. That scared the hell out of me and i became a little irritated that i may have gotten a lemon. I checked the bios and it wasn't able to detect the hard drive too. It happened consistently 2-3 times and i just decided to check it out later at home. When i tried it again at home, it didn't behave that way and i was able to change the settings. I checked the hard drive (there were no stickers so i wouldn't void the warranty) and verified it was connected properly. Strange.. i hope it doesn't happen again but it makes me think of a faulty hard disk during that time. ran chkdsk and error checking and nothing came up. The pains of a new netbook user!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. Though we don't normally hear of laptop/netbook not working in mid-flight, your hardisk might have been affected by the high altitude. I suppose if it happens again, it would be better to replace the harddisk.