Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Death of S10

Well, it finally happened. When my wife turned on the S10 last Saturday, the screen stayed black and only the red power LED came to life. I tried all the usual tricks to try revive the S10 - pressing and holding the power on button for more than 10 seconds; removed the battery, press the power on button 10 times and then held it on for 20 seconds and put back the battery - still the same. Repeated the process with just the AC power and still the S10 did not come on.
Finally opened the back cover and removed the additional RAM and unplug and plug the Hard Disk but to no avail - my S10 is really dead.

After reading similar cases in Forums, I always thought that it cannot happen to me but the reality is that it does happen and now my S10 is added to the statistics of netbook that failed. The only thing left to do is to take it back to the shop where I purchased the S10. But alas, the shop, WinChance in Low Yat Plaza is also dead as it has closed shop and I have no choice but to send it personally to the local Lenovo Service Centre in Petaling Jaya.

So I left the dead S10 there and the service guy said it will take two/three days or more depending on what is wrong. He suspected that it could be the Hard Disk or the motherboard that is kaput. Well, this is a chance to see how good (or bad) the Lenovo after sales service is. What is your experience?

Ronald Kwok


  1. Hi ronald.
    found your blog by accident, as i was googling for ways to solve my dead lenovo s10-2. How it went dead was eerily the same like yours. One day the screen went balnk and the next, it wont start at all. Conicidentally, i also bought mine from lowyat plaza..
    Have you managed to repair yours? If so, how much did it cost. - Saiful

  2. Hi Saiful,
    My S10 was repaired by the Lenovo Service Centre in PJ. It was free since it was still under warranty. So send yours in. You can read the details in the post following this.