Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holiday break in Turkey

I will be away for two weeks in Turkey so there will be no new posts and I will not be able to respond to comments until I am back. Cheers.

Ronald Kwok


  1. hi! i hope u had a good break in turkey. anyway, your posts have been very helpful to me. you see, i'm a newbie to the lenovo family. :-) anyway, i noticed that there are quite a number of updates available for s10 at but how do i know which are the updates that are important & which aren't? i hope you'll be able to provide some form of guide for me. tks!

  2. Hi simpliciti101,
    I thoroughly enjoyed my break in Turkey but the problem with such break is that it breaks your routine and I find it rather difficult to get back to my blogging! Ya, there's so many Bios updates that I've not been keeping track (now it's at version 90 for the S10 if I'm not wrong). My advice is this - don't fix it unless it's broken. If you are not having any problem with your S10/S10e, there is no reason to upgrade to the latest Bios or unless there are critical issues that the Bios addresses. Most of the time, the new Bios is to fix some problems which may not be even present in your netbook. Some of the Bios has caused other problems since they were hastily put up, especially when Lenovo was trying to fix the problem of the noisy fan. Hope yours is not one with the noisy fan! Cheers.

  3. thaks for the advice. really appreciate it!