Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Lenovo S10-2 and Lenovo S12

Hi folks, I'm back from my trip to Turkey. I had a wonderful time there; read all about it in my Travel Blog.

Just some updates on the Lenovo Ideapad S-series scene. Moving up from the S10, the current model available is the S10-2 but judging from feedback so far, it is not so well received. Here's a photo of the overall view, from where there is a hands-on review.

The main improvement seems to be the bigger keyboard with better layout.

Otherwise, it is not much different from the S10. In fact, many people is not too happy about the switch to a glossy screen (also smaller at 10.1" as compared to 10.2" for the S10) and the overall plastic look which is very similar to the present group of netbooks from the other brands such as Acer, Asus, MSI, etc. thus losing the more professional look of the S10. Since Lenovo is still practising the idea of having different configurations for different markets, do check very carefully what is included before you make a purchase.

If you are planning for an upgrade it may be better to wait for the S12 that has been announced but not yet available. This has a bigger screen at 12.1" and higher resolution of 1280x800 with the option of a Nvidia ION graphics chip. Thus it will have HD (High Definition) capabilities for your video viewing pleasure on screen or via a HDMI output to an external monitor. What more, it also comes with a full size keyboard. Here's a photo from that also has all the other details of the S12.

It sure looks attractive and the only question is now the price. With this kind of specs, it is not much different from a normal laptop but with less processing power. How it will compete with similarly configured laptops will very much depend on the pricing. It is also losing sight of the main purpose of a netbook which is portability with small size and weight for basic internet tasks on the go.

Well, only time will tell.

Ronald Kwok

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